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Sabra Kadadabra
Sabra Kadadabra
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Originally from New York, Sabrina Sicurella designer and creator of  Sabrakadabra, started as a Women's knitwear line. The self-taught clothing designer created a women's fashion line that is  inspired by the beautiful shape of a woman's body.  Each custom made design, from her swimwear to her cosplay, accentuate the woman's curves and has mastered the knit fabrics to make it a perfect, comfortable and unique fit.  After moving to Miami where she finally established Sabrakadabra as on online store she quickly saw the success of her store and the impact she had made on her customers through her sexy and sensual one-of-a-kind, head-turning designs.

Her destiny, however brought her to Las Vegas in 2013 where she quickly found herself designing not just dresses and gowns but costumes and cosplay pieces. Fast forward to today, Sabrakadabra now has a studio in Downtown Las Vegas inside the Emergency Arts building. On social media Sabrakadabra and SabraCosplay have received an overwhelming reaction and have gained supportive fans with over 95K followers combined! Her journey as a designer and with her entrepreneur-like attitude  has led her once a little collection of lacey dresses and gowns into a fashion hub where you will find nothing but exclusive, hand-detailed, custom-made clothing from swimwear to evening gowns to her latest- her Cosplay Collection, and each piece with a unique story behind it. Sabrakadabra’s clientele range from local and high-profile Las Vegas performers to talented singers and dancers as well as our local, fan-based customers each with a story and a design in mind and ready for Sabrakadabra to create and bring ALL of our customers’ fashion visions to life. 

Sabra Kadabra isNow worldwide!

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